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The Swedish company Ganterud Lifting Solutions AB develops efficient, reliable, and innovative lifting systems with a wide range of features not seen at many other manufacturers in the same area of products. The products help the lifting systems to improve the profitability for the end user, primarily in the construction and engineering sector.

Ganterud L20-3 Pro 

Radio-controlled precision balance yoke that helps reduces installation time and increases safety! 

The Swedish-produced lifting yoke Ganterud L20-3 Pro is built on robust and tested technology. Ganterud L20-3 has a capacity of an impressive 20 tons and can via a very precise radio control shorten installation time and increase safety during lifting. The unique lifting yoke can both level and turn heavy loads from 0 kg and up to 20 tons. 

Turn heavy loads 90 degrees! 

Avoid the use of snatch blocks etc. With Ganterud, you simply release the built-in chain wheel and then the Ganterud L20-3 also functions as a snatch block.If you need a longer chain, you can also equip your device with a longer chain. The L20-3 has a standard chain length of 3 meters and can accurately level the load at two speeds. Ganterud L20-3 can be used in temperatures from -20 to as much as 40 degrees and it requires minimal maintenance. The only thing you need to think about is charging the battery about once a week during normal use.  

View Ganterud L20-3 in use:  

You get control with unique remote control for the L20-3Pro 

Latest update allows you to now easily release the built-in chain wheel with remote control. Flashing lights on Ganterud L20-3 warn when the chain-wheel is released. 

Technical data: 

WLL (lifting capacity): 20 T 
WLL (lifting capacity) unbalanced weight: 3T 
Max. leveling length: 3M 
Max. Chain angle: 60 degrees 
Chain dimension: 60.5x20 mm 
Chain length, total: 6 m 

IP Rating: IP65 
CE marked. 

Weight: 391 kg 
Height: 1050 mm 
Width: 719 mm 
Depth: 623 mm 

Control system: 
Radio control range: up to 100 meters 
Engine: 24 VDC 
Current, hibernation: 50 mA 
Maximum current continuous: 60 A 
Maximum consumption: 100 A 

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