Hire of lifting equipment from Fyns Kran Udstyr


You can hire lifting equipment for your next project.

When to hire in stead of buy lifting equipment

If you need lifting equipment for a short period of time it sometimes is more rentable renting lifting equipment than buying - depending on the project.

Cost control

Your project will have a fixed price.

No investments

You will have no investments.

No storage and maintenance

We take care of storage and maintenance.


Safety first

Guaranteed safe and certified equipment. 

Wide range

We have a wide range of products and lifting equipment at competitive prices you can hire for your next project.

Many different products

Our range of products which you can hire is wide - for example electrical chain hoists, chain hoists, lever hoists, hydraulic jacks, crane weighers, lifting magnets, snatch blocks, cargo skates etc. 

I had an excellent experience when I hired lifting equipment at Fyns Kran Udstyr - and I will definitely use this company again next time I need to hire equipment for lifting.  

- Tonny Skatka, Graintec A/S

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A few examples of lifting equipment you can hire at Fyns Kran Udstyr

Girder clapms

Bjælkeklør til leje

Ring clutches - DEHA

DEHA ringkoblinger til leje


Donkrafte til leje

Load cells

Dynamometre / kranvægte til leje

Electric chain hoists

Eltaljer til leje

Electric wire rope winches

Elwirespil til leje

Bottle jacks

Flaskedonkrafte til leje

Ring clutches - FRIMEDA

FRIMEDA ringkoblinger til leje

Manual chain hoists

Håndkædetaljer til leje

Flow panel control manifold

Hydraulikmanifold til leje

Air hose

Hydraulik slanger til leje

Hydraulic hand pump

Hydraulik håndpumper til leje

Hydraulic pumps

Hydraulik pumper til leje

Jacks, type DK

Maskindonkraft til leje

Rack jack, mechanical

Kaffemølle donkraft til leje

Snatch blocks

Kasteblokke til leje


Løbekatte til leje

Spooling winch for wire

Spolemaskine til opspoling af wire

Lifting beam - H-beam

H løfteåg til leje

Spreader beams

Spreader løfteåg til leje

Cross spreader beam - adjustable

Løfteåg - Planåg ti leje

Lifting magnets

løftemagneter til leje

Lifting bags

Løftepuder til leje


Lufttaljer til leje

Man riding basket

Mandskabskurve til leje


Minifor talje til leje


Sjækler til leje

Lever chain hoists

Skraldetaljer til leje

Outrigger blocks

Støttebensplader til leje

Lifting points

Svirveløjebolte til leje

Tension meter

Tension meter til leje

Hoists, TIRFOR

Tirfor taljer til leje

Cargo skates

Transportruller til leje

Pulling cylinders

Trækdonkrafte til leje


Treben til leje


Waterbags til leje

Hire the equipment from our rental department - regardless of the size of your task! 

Hire the equipment from our rental branch - regardless of the size of your task!

In this case, equipment from our rental department was rented out for a load test of one of the cranes on board the ship Normand Installer.
We have put together a short video where you can see this entire setup in use:

  • 2 x 250 ton master links.
  • 1 x 500 ton dynamometer. Incl. 500T shackles.
  • 4 x 100 ton round sling.
  • 4 x 125 ton widebody shackles.
  • 4 x 100 ton water bags.

With this setup, a load test of approx. 300 tons can be preformed. It can be put together in several ways if more or less testing is to be done.

Hiring lifting equipment makes good sense for short tasks, so you save both money and hassle.

Full-service solution - OSR

'One Stop Rigging' called OSR is a full-service solution which includes re-certification, maintenance, storage and handling of your lifting equipment. This type of solution is a very flexible model, which is defined in order to make maximal savings. 

More infomation ONE STOP RIGGING

Drum winch equipment for fibre rope and wire rope

Our drum winch equipment are designed to assist with correct spooling of rope and wire rope onto the drum winch. It is possible to hire the spooling device including crew.