Lifting Equipment

Below you will find our range of lifting equipment and the selection covers, among other things: Hydraulic Jacks, Machine Skates, Lifting Bags and Outrigger Pads. 

More about Lifting Equipment

At Fyns Kran Udstyr we have a very large selection of different lifting equipment - whether you have to move a light or heavy load, we can offer you the right lifting equipment for the job.

In the field of hydraulic lifting equipment, we can deliver products from eg. Holmatro, just as we design and develop our products, such as. the DK-Jack for lifting machines and other loads where its unique features can be used.

This means that we offer a wide range of different types of jacks - we have, among other things, hydraulic and mechanical jacks, hydraulic hoses and pumps, as well as hydraulic manifolds, which regulates pressure between pump and jack. Hydraulic lifting equipment can be used for many different types of lifting jobs, and we can deliver both standard and customized jacks, so we can offer jacks for any purpose.  

The very wide range gives you, as a customer, many variants to choose from, so you are always sure to find a jack for your particular lifting need - for example, we have jacks with hollow plunger, we have jacks with a extra low insertion height. We can also deliver jacks that are very small if there are challenges in relation to lack of space maneuvering. In addition, we also have different jacks in aluminum, which have a low weight, if this should be a requirement for a given lifting job.

Furthermore, we have different types of lifting bags for every purpose, machine skates in many different versions for virtually all types of moving jobs.

You can view more about our lifting equipment and products in the various categories above. And if you do not find what you are looking for, you are always welcome to contact us, so we can tailor a solution that fits exactly to your lifting needs. You can contact us by phone on +45 70 15 20 15 - we are ready by the phone to answer your inquiry.