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We have a large number of service vans providing fast and efficient support and service around the world of all types of cranes and lifting equipment - it includes maintenance and repair as well as annual service. 

Lifting equipment needs maintenance and annual service and has to be tested by educated persons.

Fyns Kran Udstyr carry out inspections and we follow all types of rules and regulations in your country as well as we provide correct and required documentation. As soon as we have finished our service and test of your lifting equipment you will have online access to all your documentation and data all tagged with individual numbers. We are certified accoding ISO 9001:2015 and have authorisation from the Danish Maritime Authority within 'Inspection of lifting appliances and cargo gear'  See our certification document here.

We carry out inspection, test and service of:

We take care of anual service of lifting equipment for the following companies:

Reference BMS

Reference - Aarsleff

Reference - Maersk

Reference - SCT Transport

"EasyCert is the perfect tool for us. At the office we use EasyCert to give new tecnicians an easy overview at registred lifting equipment in their van and we also use EasyCert to control our total lot of lifting equipment. All our tecnicians have the EasyCert app installed at their tablet in the van, so they can easy access all certificates and data - due to EasyCert app we don't have to store certificates printed on paper anymore.
New lifting equipment are automatically registred in EasyCert and the tecnicians will always have access to relevant documents via the EasyCert app.”

– Michael B.P. Mangelsen, SCT Kran & Specialtransport.

"The fact that Fyns Kran Udstyr was chosen as our new supplier wasn't a difficult choise after I've had done some research at price, service and availability etc."
– Jens Hansen, HSE Coordinator, Muehlhan Give - read more here

Why so many companies choose us as service partner:

Crane Service

We carry out inspections and service of all types of cranes and several advantages and benefits is included for you as our customer. 

More info about our crane service

Inspection of lifting equipment and lifting gear

Since 1969 we've been in this business concentrated on designing, producing and selling lifting equipment and carried out test and service - today we are one of the leading suppliers. 

More info about our position as leading supplier

Repair of lifting equipment and lifting gear

We've been in this business since 1969 where we have been concentrated on designing, producing and selling lifting equipment and carried out service and repair of lifting equipment and lifting gear - today we are one of the leading suppliers. 

More info about our position as leading supplier

Crane refurbishment

We can help refurbish almost all types and models of cranes; no matter type of brand.

More info about crane refurbishment

Documentation of inspection, maintenance and service

We are one of the leading suppliers of inspection of lifting equipment and lifting gear and we make sure that all your documentation is correct and avaibale online as soon as we have finished our inspection.

More info about documentation

Load Test

We carry load tests of different lifting equipment. 

More info about load test

We can help your comply your anual service of lifting quipment and lifting gear - sign up for a service contract.

Sign up for an anual service contract with us ->

A service contract is your guarantee to comply with law and legistation regarding test and service of liftig equipment, lifting gear, cranes etc. We commit us to contact you before your anual deadline for test and service to arrange when we can come and inspect your lifting equipment.  

It is a advantage for you as customer so you don't have to remember when to book your anual test and service and at the same time you will always have access to all required documentation. Furthermore, we can offer you a competitive price for your test and sevice if you sign a service contract as we can plan ahead and reduce e.g. cost for driving.

Sign up for a service contract with Fyns Kran Udstyr and comply the anual deadline for test and service of your lifting equipment.

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