Hoists and winches 

Below you will find a large selection of hoists and winches, and we can provide almost anything. Our range of hoists and winches includes e.g. chain hoists, lever hoists, electric chain hoists, pneumatic / air hoists and wire rope hoists. The program is hand-picked from the very best suppliers e.g. Hadef, DELTA, Verlinde, Ingersoll Rand, Tractel, Kito and our own brand YellowLine. We will gladly answer your questions and give advice and guidance so that you get the right solution. View the full program for each category by clicking below:

More about hoists and winches

At Fyns Kran Udstyr we have sold hoists and winches since 1969. We have a large range and if you do not find exactly the product you are missing in one of the product categories above we can certainly get it. In this category you will also find a number of products that can be used with hoists and winches eg. remote controls that allow wireless control of both hoists and winches - usually an operation connected via cable is often used.

How to choose the right hoist or winch
Before choosing your product, there are a number of things that are good to consider for both hoists and winches. First of all, you need to think about whether to lift or pull the load. Not all winches are approved for lifting. Products that are suitable for lifting have always indicated a WLL (Working Load Limit) number - if this information is not stated on the product, you can almost certainly assume that you must not use the product for lifting. In addition, it is a good idea to consider how long the chain or steel wire rope should be on the product. Note: Many products have specified a standard length that they often come with. However, it is often possible for us to supply the product with a longer chain or steel wire rope.

Legislation when using hoists and winches
There are a number of rules for the use of hoists and winches, the rules cover, among other things, the area in which they are used, and inspection. The rules are often stated by the working environment authorities in the country you are. 

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