Steel Wire Rope and Accessories

Below you will find our large selection of steel wire ropes for every purpose as well as accessories such as thimbles, snatch blocks, wire rope slings, wire sling and other steel wire rope accessories. Our range covers many different types of steel wire ropes in different dimensions from very small and up to 62 mm and constructions such as 7×7, 7×19 and 6x36. We have our own workshops at several locations in Denmark, so we like to solve special jobs and carry out assembly work. Call us on +45 7015 2015 for further information.
Remember that we also have a large selection of stainless steel wire rope and associated products.

More about steel wire ropes

We have steel wire rope at the right price.
We have been dealers of steel wire rope products since 1969 and we have built up a large network of suppliers around the world, so whether you need galvanized 1×19, 7×7, 6×19, 7×19, 6×36, 8×19 , 8×36, 19×7, 35×7 steel wire rope or stainless steel wire rope in the 1×19, 7×7, 7×19, 6×36 - or a special construction - then we are always ready to help.

The best brands in steel wire rope...
Steel wire rope from WDI - WDI Ropes is part of the German group Westfälische Drahtindustrie GmbH, whose history dates back to the founding of the first factory in 1856. Since 1890, the company has been known under its current name: WDI. The group produces steel wire rope for many applications, for example steel wire rope for industry and building constructions, etc. We supply the, for us, most interesting part of the program -  their program of steel wire rope for eg. industry, construction cranes, maritime cranes and the offshore sectors. These steel wire ropes are known under the brandname PYTHON and you will with garanty find them among our selection here on the page. If we draw parallels to the automotive industry, you can compare PYTHON steel wire rope with brands such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

Steel wire rope from CASAR - The company CASAR Drahtseilwerk Saar was founded in 1948. CASAR is the abbreviation for the French outline "Câbleie Sarroise". The company develops or produces special steel wire ropes for cranes and other lifting equipment - steel wire rope produced by CASAR are often preferred by many mobile crane manufacturers as well as other manufacturers of different types of cranes.

Although the type of steel wire rope you choose to buy may not be from one of the well-known brands - our purchasing department ensures that you still get the best possible quality for the price. Steel wire rope purchased from us, is one of the basic elements of a safe lifting operation.

We can do more than steel wire rope…
In addition to the sale of steel wire rope, we have over 25 driving services units that can carry out inspection of steel wire rope. In addition, we have workshops in Aalborg, Esbjerg, Odense and Copenhagen - where we can make repairs, carry out casting of sockets or make special solutions in steel wire rope.