Lifting beams and spreader beams

Since 1969 we have designed and produced lifting beams and spreader beams to our customers all over the world.
Our basic program consists of lifting beams S10, S11 and H10 and spreader beam S20.  

As we produce all our lifting beams and spreader beams in Denmark we have fast delivery
- our Technical Department design and construct and our Production manufacture and produce in high quality materials.

​We also meet customized requirements and design and produce special designed lifting beams and spreader beams for different purposes
and special needs with WLL up to several 100 tonnes - for example to be used for transition pieces.

All our lifting beams and spreader beams are CE-approved and delivered with all types of required certificates and documentation.

If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us
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As customer you are involved in the process

We produce our different types of lifting beams and spreader beams ourselves in our production site in Denmark and design and construction is done by our Technical Department. The coorperation between our departments ensure a fast delivery time as well as a high-quality product. As a customer you are involved in the process already from the first technical drawing to the final output as we want to meet your demand and needs in the best way possible. 

In-house production

At Fyns Kran Udstyr we have our own production site where we construct our lifting beams and spreader beams. The in-house production generates fast delivery and our Technical Department design and make 3-D drawings so you can see your final product before you confirm your order - and as our production site is located in Denmark, we can offer fast delivery. 

Our different departments cooperate in order to ensure you fast delivery, flexibility, competible prices and a high- quality product which lasts for many years.

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FAQs about lifting beams and spreader beams

Delivery time for lifting beams and spreader beams?
We have very fast delivery for our basic program which consists of lifting beams S10, S11 and H10 and spreader beam S20 as we produce them in Denmark. For special designed lifting beams and spreader beams it will differentiate depending on the type of beam, but as we design and produce ourselves we often can offer a fast delivery time on special designed beams as well.

Prices for liftings beams and spreader beams?
Your personal login gives you access to your actual prices which you can see right away. If you have special inquires we will send you the offer and 3D drawings as soon as possible, so you can visualize your final solution before you make up your mind. 

It is possible to hire lifting beams and spreader beams at Fyns Kran Udstyr?
YES you can - and it is very easy. If you know that the lifting beam or spreader beam is only to be used for a couple of times it is often easier to hire than to buy. Learn more about hire of lifting beams and spreader beams and other products at Fyns Kran Udstyr here.

Do you make special designed lifting beams and spreader beams? 
YES we do - we make lifting beams and spreader beams for every type of purpose, and since 1969 we have designed and constructed many different types of beams to our customers all over the world.

Do Fyns Kran Udstyr design and produce lifting beams and spreader beams for ALL types of cranes? YES – we design and construct lifting beams and spreader beams for all types of cranes. No matter if you are using a truck mounted mobile crane, mobile crane, jib crane, bridge crane or gantry crane we can design and construct a suitable lifting beam or spreader beam.