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Gantry cranes are used when the building is not suitable for supporting the bridge of the crane or minimize the space taken by e.g. columns. 
ERIKKILA gantry cranes are available with both rails in the floor or ground structure or with only one trail (semi gantry crane). Semi gantry cranes are often used as lifting systems for larger overhead cranes. Our overhead crane solutions are available as stationary or mobile systems (using wheels and breake). Furthermore, it is possible to use chain hoists (chain or wire).
Semi gantry cranes are a perfect solution if no columns in the ground structure are accepted, e.g. in the middle of a production area. A semi gantry crane is supportet in one end by columns and the other end is supported by legs  with wheels. The wheels normally travel on tires or rails embedded in the floor but it is possible to use trolleys operation directly on the ground floor.

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Gantry crane - ERIKKILA

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