Mobile Gantry Crane Feltes ASP In Aluminum

Assembled and ready to use by one person in 5 minutes!
1. Attach the two side supports to the beam.
2. Install the side supports and tighten the associated bolts.
3. Mount the trolley on the beam and tighten the associated bolts.
4. The hoist is placed on the running cat and you are ready to lift!

Can be used for:
- Lifting heavy burdens.
- In tools.
- Loading and unloading of trucks or trailers.

Used i.a. of / in:
- The industry
- Construction
- Wastewater treatment plants.

The aluminum bar is available in lengths from 2 meters up to 5 meters (WLL: 1,500 kg) and 6 meters (WLL 1,000 kg)

The side supports are available in three sizes:

Side support width: 1.20
Waist mounting height: 1.18 m - 2.10 m

Width of side supports: 1.71 m
Waist mounting height: 1.68 m - 3.00 m

Width of side supports: 2.29 m
Waist mounting height: 2.23 m - 4.00 m

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Product specifications

Product type Mobile Gantry Crane
Capacity (kg) 0-1.500 kg.
Surface treatment
Inspection acc. to: Depending on the indv. Country. This product must be checked every 12 months by a qualified person.
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Mobile Gantry Crane Feltes ASP In Aluminum


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