Fall Protection Package 2

Fall Protection Package no. 2 is a complete package with everything our experts think the typical tradesperson need when using fall protection equipment.

The package consists of:

1 pcs. Kratos Safety Harness Basic Size: S/M/L (UNISIZE).
1 pcs. Ikar steel wire rope anchorage sling Ø6 mm x 1 meter with eyes at both ends.
1 pcs. Skylotec Kernmantel rope, 15 m, with adjuster.
1 pcs. Kratos carabiner with screw-lock.
​1 pcs. Kratos webbing lanyard (1,8 meter) with carabiner at one end and scaffold at the other.

The items are packed in a special FKU sports bag. The FKU sports bag has a pocket at one end where you can store all relevant certificates and documents.

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Fall Protection Package 2
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Fall Protection Package 2


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