LASTO Pallet fork - Standard

Pallet fork for heavier jobs in for example, ports etc. The standard version can be adjusted from 530-830 mm in width. This pallet fork is also available in a fixed version. All Lasto pallet forks are produced in accordance with the Machinery Directive and are delivered incl. test load certificate. 

Default dimensions: 
A: 1800 mm 
B: 1000 mm 
C: Min: 530 mm - Max: 830 mm 
​Weight: 215 kg. 

Can be specially manufactured according to the customer's wishes.

Product specifications

Product type Pallet Fork
Model Standard
Supplier Type Standard
Safety factor
Color Blue
Material Steel
Unit Stk
Customs Code
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Pallet Fork LASTO standard - 2.50T foldable
# 7590000030
WLL (kg) 2500
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LASTO Pallet fork - Standard


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