DK Machine Skate 6000-D - Nylon Wheels

Max. Capacity: 6.000 kg
Rollers: Nylon
Rollers pcs.: 8
Roller dim. 81 x 68 mm
Height: 125 mm
Plate: 400 x 300 mm
Cargo Skates in high quality. The cargo skates are manufactured in special steel and provided with ball bearings with a high strength of lifting in both swivelling bolster and in the rollers, which guarantees a safe transport and a long lifetime. 
Rubber covered supporting surface. All DK Cargo skates are supplied with a cover of 8 mm non-slip chequered robber on the supporting surface, which prevents sliding of the load during the transport. 
Low placing of the carrying handles guarantees more safety.
The carrying handles of all DK Cargo skates are placed minimum 25 mm under the bearing surface, which prevents the risk of damaged hands.

Product specifications

Product type Turnable machine skate
Supplier name FKU
Capacity (kg) 6000
Color Red
Unit Pcs.
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Capacity (t)
Wheel Type
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DK Transport Rollers 6000-D - swivel Nylon
# 7920141601
Capacity (t) 6
Wheel Type Nylon
Weight (kg) 53
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DK Machine Skate 6000-D - Nylon Wheels


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