Pewag Levo LH - automatic crane hook

The automatic crane hook allows you to rig from a safe distance, minimize manual workflows and increase safety.

The hook can handle 8000 operating cycles without stop. The hook opens and closes in just 2,5 seconds and functions from -20°C to +60°C. Furthermore it can be directly mounted in a DIN 15401 crane hook up a size of 2.5. The levo hook has an IP 65 protection class – this means it protected again dust and low pressure water from any direction. The levo LH hook is 100% procent secure and the hook can not open when under load. At the same time there is secure communication between the hook and the remote (ISO 13849).

Possible exstras:

  • Multiloading-adapter: Enables the possibility of carrying up to 10 batteries.
  • Weighing Module: Check the weight of your load and avoid overload. The module can be used in combination with the levo software.
  • Pewag levo manager: Software for configuration and analysis of the levo hook

View a 3D model of the levo LH 5 by pewag on Sketchfab here.

Product specifications

Product type Automatic crane hook
EN-Norm EN 1677 + EN 10204 3.1.B
Safety factor 4:1
Grade NA
Color Orange
Inspection acc. to: Depending on the indv. Country. This product must be checked every 12 months by a qualified person.
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Pewag Automatic Crane 5T Levo LH5 with light
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WLL (t) 5
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Weight (kg) 20
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Pewag Levo LH - automatic crane hook


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