YellowLine ERGO Lashing 5T - 50mm - 0.5+9.5m

YellowLine ERGO lashing with a extra long ergonomic handle and reverse ratchet function. Consists of a 0.5 meter short part with ratchet and hook and a long part of 9.5 meters with hook. NOTE: the handle i pulled down for tightening compared to traditional lashing where you 'push' the handle for tightening. 

The lashing has the same Lashing Capacity (LC) as our regular 50mm lashing: 2500 daN. The LC may not be greater than 50% of the lashing strength, but is only interesting (!) When the lashing goes from the cargo and directly down to the truck / trailer. The standard (EN12195-2) states that the Standard Hand Force (SHF) is 50 daN. When the lashing is tightened over the cargo - then LC doesn't matter - It is not the Standard Tension Force (STF) !! When 50 daN is pulled on a longer handle, which the ERGO lash has - the tension increases. Therefore, the ERGO lashing has an STF value of as much as 500 daN, with the ordinary 50 mm lashing having an STF value of 350 daN. The STF value is the force that the lashing presses down on the load and a higher tension therefore reduces the number of lashings to acid the same goods.

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Product type Lashing
EN-Norm EN 12195
Inspection acc. to: Depending on the indv. Country. This product must be checked every 12 months by a qualified person.
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YL ERGO Surring 5T- 50mm/0.5+9.5m LC2500daN
# 3590000095
Length (m) 0.5+9.5
Width (mm) 50
MBL (kg) 0
Lashing Capacity (kg) 2500
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YellowLine ERGO Lashing 5T - 50mm - 0.5+9.5m


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