Pipe clamps

At Fyns kran Udstyr we have many different pipe clamps for several purposes. We also design and produce special pipe clamps if you need customized solutions. 

We have designed and produced pipe clamps during the last 30 years and our customers are in all types of businesses. 

Our range of pipe clamps and related items can be used for all types of pipes which need to be fastened. Allmost all of our pipe clamps in stock are in every type of coating - and if you have any special needs or requests we design and produce special pipe clamps for customized solutions.

If you want to know more about our pipe clamps and related items please contact us at telephone +45 70 15 20 15 or email fku@fku.dk - we are ready to answer your questions. 

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Designed and produced in Denmark

Beside our wide range of pipe clamps, Fyns Kran Udstyr also design and produce special pipe clamps for customized solutions. 

Our production is dynamic and flexible which means that we can produce both small and large scale of different types of pipe clamps and have fast delivery of high quality products.

We are ready to answer your questions about pipe clamps:

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Søren S. Andersen

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Palle Bo Nielsen

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