Refurbishment and renovation of cranes

Fyns Kran Udstyr carry out crane refurbishment of almost all types and models of cranes.


We can help you refurbish and you can reduce your costs for maintenance.

Safety first

Increase safety and upgrade your crane by installing e.g. a remote control. 

Reduce costs

Refurmishment or renovation reduce your investment costs.

Refurbishment and renovation of cranes

Refurbishment and renovation are typically replacement of electrical or chain hoists or renovation of mechanical components. This type of maintenance will increase the lifespan at your crane as well as it will increase safety. A refurbishment is a cooperation between technical department, sales department and technicians in order to meet law and legislation as well as standards according CE marking and documentation.

We offer you a free-of-charge professional review of your present crane solution:

We offer you a free-of-charge professional review of your present crane situation and introduce different solutions for you.:

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Crane Refurbishment

Typical refurbishment of cranes are e.g.:

Installation of remote controls

The remote control is with buttons or joystick depending on the model - we can help you find the correct solution. Remote controls can be used combined with different types of lifting tasks. A solution with remote control provides free movement for the operator and better visibility of the load - a simple way to improve safety.

More information about remote controls

Installation of load limiter

A load limiter is a device that has been designed particularly for fitting existing overhead cranes and hoists with a dead end wire rope connecting directly into the function of the lifting system. A load which exceed WLL ( Working Load Limit / SWL – Safe Working Load Limit) can cause defects and decrease safety.

More information about load limiters

Display showing weight of the load

Load cells are installed so the weight of the load is shown in a display. Installing a load cell is a simple upgrade without interfere with the construction of the crane.

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