Crane service from Fyns Kran Udstyr A/S

All our dedicated employees have skills and know-how to carry out inspections and service of all types of cranes - and we have 24-hour service 365 days a year.

We carry out test and service at all types of cranes, e.g. overhead cranes, gantry cranes as well as wall- and column mounted cranes. And we also carry out test and service at all types of hoists and winches e.g. electrical chain hoists, pneumatic hoists, lever hoists etc.

Servicebil test af kraner og løftegrej Fyns Kran Udstyr

Test and service - which type of brands?

We carry out test and service at all types and models of cranes and lifting equipment - our service procedure is universal and is applicable at every type of brand. After each service you will receive documentation where you can see exactly step-by-step how we have carried out the service at the specific item. You will have access to all your documentation and data at each piece of your lifting equipment throug our EasyCert system. Read more about EasyCert below.

A few exampels at brands where we carry out test and service:

  • ABB
  • ABT
  • ABUS
  • AC Hydraulic
  • AC Kran Eksport
  • AL Vac
  • ALKO
  • Anker
  • Asea
  • Atlas Copco
  • Bahco
  • Broomwade
  • Certex
  • Chain Master
  • CM
  • Compac
  • CWS
  • Danløft
  • DCB (Danish Crane Building)
  • Demag
  • Donati
  • Elefant
  • Fyns Kran Udstyr
  • Fezer
  • Gebr. Wahlefeld Krefeld
  • Gebuwin
  • GEDI
  • GH
  • GIS
  • GUDE
  • Guldmann
  • Güralp
  • Hadef
  • Hitachi
  • HMF
  • Hoffmann
  • Hvilan
  • J. Haggmann
  • J.D. Neuhaus
  • Kühnezug
  • Kahlman
  • King


  • KITO
  • KONE
  • Max Fodgaard
  • Morris
  • Movomech
  • Munck
  • Pantronic
  • Schmalz
  • Selecto
  • SEW
  • SKS Kraner


  • Svero
  • SWF
  • Thor
  • Thrige
  • Tiratutto
  • Titan
  • Tractel
  • Tralift
  • Verlinde
  • Vital
  • VLC
  • VLS
  • Warn
  • Weigpack
  • Yale
  • YellowLine


Safe and efficient crane service - step by step

We will contact you before your deadline to arrange a date for your crane service. 

Then we talk over details etc. in order to meet your all expectations. 

Servicekoordinator test eftersyn kraner løftegrej

Our service technician arrives

Our service technician arrives upon agreed time and date and carry out arranged test and service and will of course bring all types of needed testing equipment to carry out correct test and service.

Serviceteknikker Fyns Kran Udstyr

Test and service will begin

When test and service begin all your lifting equipment will be registred one-by-one in EasyCert.

Lovpligtig eftersyn af kran

Complete registration of data

All our test and service will be carried out by individual lists step-by-step - this is to guarantee a high quality as well as consistency in our service; always.

Årsmærkat Fyns Kran Udstyr


Every item will be individually registred with an ID number and a unique QR-code. The attached label will show both last and next service date and is made in the official colour according official standards.

Mærkning med Unikt ID

Documentation is ready in EasyCert

As soon as our tecnician has completetd the service of an item the documentation and data is ready in EasyCert - online and via app.

EasyCert dokumentation klar - Fyns Kran Udstyr

Online overview EasyCert

After our technician has finished test and service you will have access to a complete overview of all details regarding your equipment in EasyCert - data, registration, location etc.

Data fra EasyCert - Fyns Kran Udstyr

We will contact you again

3 months before your deadline for next service we will contact you to arrange a new date for test and service..

Vi kontakter dig - årligt eftersyn af kraner og løftegrej

As our customer you will have access to the best management system in the business - for free

Access to your certificates 24/7/365

After each service you will have access to our documentation in our service management system, EasyCert. You will be able to find data for all your products via the individual label on each product using e.g. the serial number or QR-code. As customer you will have free access to EasyCert - and it is for all our customers, no matter if you have few or many items registred.

Simple ”input” og ”output”
EasyCert is a free service management system for you as a customer - you can registrer and use your data and documentation as you like. One of the advantages of being our customer is when you buy lifting equipment at Fyns Kran Udstyr the lifting equipment are automatically registred in EasyCert. And you don't have to be affraid of any 'hidden agenda' behind EasyCert as you also can registrer lifting equipment bought from other suppliers - contatc us and we can help you registrer so you have a complete overview. 

Next service
You have always access to see your next service with us as well as you can follow the process to each service step-by-step.

Book a technician – simple and easy
You can easy and simple via Easy Cert book a technician - both to an ordinary yearly service as well to an urgent inspection or repair.

EasyCert app - easy acces at any digital device

As our customer you will have free access to EasyCert; online access to all your documentation, certificates and data and you can also acces this documentation through our EasyCert app for both Android and iOS. 

Do you have any questions or do you want to book test and service? 

Call us and we will guarantee best price, service and quality as well as access to your documentation and certificates via EasyCert. 

Contact us

Hanne Sandberg

Service Coordinator, crane service

smartphone+45 21 64 52 34

phone+45 63 96 53 13

Hanne Sandberg

Pia Vedel

Service Coordinator, test and service of lifting equipment and crane service

phone+45 63 16 07 60

Pia Vedel

Helle Olsen

Service Coordinator, test and service of lifting equipment

smartphone+45 29 28 59 18

phone+45 63 96 53 27

Helle Olsen

Mikael Eriksen

Service Manager

smartphone+45 23 31 52 88

phone+45 63 96 53 48

Mikael Eriksen

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