Documentation for test and service of lifting equipment

Fyns kran Udstyr is one of the leading suppliers of test and service of lifting equipment and we can guarantee correct documentation and registration.

All cranes and lifting items will be individually registred with an ID number and a unique QR-code. The attached label will show both last and next service date and is made in the official colour according official standards. Some products also have a label with a unique ID-number so it is always possible to identify the item and find correct data.

As a customer you will have the following advantages:


Test and service of cranes are carried out by individual lists step-by-step - this is to guarantee a high quality test as well as consistency in our service.


Every item will be individually registred with an ID number and a unique QR-code. The attached label will show both last and next service date and is made in the official colour according official standards.


After finishing test and service you will have online access to your certificates and documentation.


Registration of your lifting equipment in EasyCert will give you a complete overview of all details, data and documentation.


Individually certificates at all your lifting equipment - we guarantee correct registration and documentation.


The individual certificates contains data, documentation and a description of test and service step-by-step and information about possible repairs or discards.

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NCC Civil Egineering uses EasyCert from Fyns Kran Udstyr to systemise documentation, certificates and costs.

Civil Engineering is a department in NCC which works with many different projects and therefore needs a systemt to control the many different tasks.

NCC Civil Engineering is part of NCC Infrastructure which offering design and production of large infrastructure projects throughout the region, and groundwork, service and maintenance in strong local operations and the projects often have high complexity.

Unique system - total overview

Before NCC Civil Engineering started using EasyCert they often had problems locating different equipment and they needed a tool to handle all the different equipment and a system to operate it. The solution to this problem was EasyCert from Fyns Kran Udstyr. It is an online system which gives a perfect overview and at the same time can handle different type of equipment at different locations - and all data and documentation is in the same system. 

Today NCC Civil Engineering have all datat and documentation in EasyCert and an other huge advantage is that they always have online access to required documentation. Before they used EasyCert they used paper documentens which caused a lot of extra work. Now, when they are using EasyCert they alwasy have access to all required documentation and they can also use the EasyCert app at web. mobile and tablets. As all equipment are individually registred with an ID number and a unique QR-code you can use the EasyCert app and scan the attached label and the the app will show all relevant data as e.g. last and next service date - using EasyCert is a huge advantage for NCC Civil Engineering.

EasyCert is made for working in real life

"EasyCert is the correct solution for us; we have online access to all our documentation, we have reduced our costs and the EasyCert app works perfectly at the different work stations all over the world", says Kristian Andersen from NCC Civil Engineering.

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