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ABUS is one of the largest manufacturers of cranes and hoists in the world. The company was founded in 1965 by Werner Bühne in the town of Wetter in the German Ruhr district. Already during the first year, the first factory was built in Gummersbach-Lantenbach. 

Today, the company has more than 1100 employees and produces cranes that can lift loads up to 120 tons. 

Facts about ABUS cranes 

  • 650 km of steel wire rope - Every year, more than 650 km of steel wire rope is used in company factories. 
  • 90 tons of steel - the factory in Gummersbach, use approx. 90 tons of steel for quality cranes - every day. Gummersbach is one of four ABUS crane factories. 
  • 50 km - ABUS manufactures 50 km of girders every day for use in the various crane solutions. 
  • 55 countries - ABUS cranes are used in 55 different countries - worldwide. 
  • 35,000 customers in Germany - In Germany alone, ABUS cranes are used by more than 35,000 companies. 

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Crane systems from ABUS are produced with lifting capacities (WLL) from 80 kg and up to 120 tonnes. The solutions can of course be adapted to building geometries and the requirements that otherwise exist for a new crane system. The crane systems help increase productivity in many well-known companies and are used internationally by industrial companies in several different industries, including the steel industry, manufacturing, processing and engineering, automotive, mechanical engineering, shipyards, plastics processing, steel engineering, wood industry, wind power engineering and many, many more. 

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Since 2015, 8 out of 10 ABUS cranes have been equipped with ABUControl. 

ABUControl is a modular system for controlling ABUS cranes. The System is based on a few replaceable electrical components that have been used with great success in the automation technology for many years. The growing demand for up-to-date and innovative equipment requires a powerful and intelligent control system. With the system, it is possible to keep up with technological advances - without changing the crane itself or entire systems. The user also gets unique options that increase usability as well as safety. 

Opportunities with ABUControl: 

  • Remote control with ABURemote. 
  • Anti-swing system. 
  • Modular - with ABUControl you have the option to change individual components. 
  • Possibility of graphical interface with Wifi (WLAN) access. 
  • Possibility of control of the crane via PLC (programmable memory). 

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ABUControl makes it very easy to use a crane. See how easy it is to use a crane with ABUControl above. 


ABUControl is just as modular as LEGO bricks. Individual electronic modules from the automation sector are installed individually. If maintenance or upgrading is required, just unplug it and replace the individual module. 


Get 100% control of your load with ABUControl, which provides a soft start / stop and a handling of the load without unforeseen jerks and other disturbances. See how effective ABUControl is in the video above.


With ABUControl you can lift and move the crane fully synchronized with e.g. four hoists and perform tandem lifts with, for example, two single girders. See how easy it all goes in the video above. 


With the ABURemote program from ABUS, you get freedom of movement and the opportunity for you, as a user of the crane, to stand right where it is safest and where you have the best overview of crane and load. 

Modern menus: Forget advanced menus: Menus on ABUS products are always intuitively designed and thus provide quick access to the crane's functions. Via four function keys, you have the option to save the functions you use the most. 

Resistant to interference: The communication between ABURemote and the remote control takes place on four wireless channels and there is too much resistance to interfere - so there are no interruptions between commands and the desired action. 

Comfortable operation: With the special ABURemote buttons that have a special focus on ergonomics - you can operate your crane with one hand. The large buttons have extra-long travel and has adjusted pressure points. 

Illuminated display: Via the illuminated display you get information about selected settings, active cranes as well as trolleys, signal strength and battery charge status. The radio control display also clearly shows the operating condition of the crane. In addition, with an installed load indicator system, you see the weight of the load that you have on the hook.  

Easy charging: Place the ABURemote in the supplied charging station and the batteries in the hand transmitter will be charged via induction (wireless). You do not need to remove the batteries. The charging stations can either stand or be mounted on a wall. Accessories for wall mounting are included. 

A fascinating insight into the world of cranes 

Try out the powerful ABUS cranes in KranHaus at the company's headquarters in Gummersbach, Germany. In KranHaus, you can, on more than 1,600 m2, get an overview of real-life work situations with the cranes as well as the latest technologies. The first floor of the building contains the training facilities for service technicians, installation engineers, etc.