Cromox (Ketten Wälder GmbH)


Fyns Kran Udstyr is a distributor of Cromox products made by Ketten Wälder in Germany - it is innovative high-quality lifting gear products and made of stainless steel.
Their chains and components are specially designed for use in the following industries:

- Chemistry
- Food
- Wastewater
- Energy

Stainless steel lifting gear components include various hooks, shortening hooks, swivel bolts and shackles.

Ketten Wälder provides security for demanding lifting and heavy transport tasks with superior protection against corrosion in harsh environments, while at the same time increasing life expectancy compared to other similar products. Designed by German engineers to the highest possible safety standards, they have a long life span and extremely good durability.

Ketten Wälder GmbH, known under the brand Cromox, has existed since 1948. The company's production is located in northern Bavaria in Germany. Ketten Wälder is a family owned company and has a huge expertise in the production of chain and chain components. Every day, the company produces over 4,000 meters of high quality chain and a lot of chain components in the well-known Cromox quality.

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