Crosby is one of the world's leading manufacturers of lifting gear. The business strives to set the standard in quality, education and technical expertise.

Crosby is considered by many to be the benchmark or the 'standard' in the industry. It is eg. often seen in the US  that contracts include something about lifting gear that states: "Crosby Only" or "Crosby or Equal." (Crosby or similar)

The products are produced with some of the highest safety factors within the different categories. The majority of the products are heat-treated and they can therefore stand deforming at overload - thereby giving the user a last warning before the product gives up - when it is well above its normal maximum capacity (WLL).

Crosby designs products that must be the best in four essential parameters:

  • Working Load Limit (WLL)
  • Flexibility
  • Metal Fatigue
  • Durability

In addition to the well-known Crosby brand, Crosby Group also has a number of other brands and Crosby Group therefore counts:

Crosby® (formerly Crosby-Laughlin, founded in 1836)
Manufactures shackles, hooks, wet screws, oval rings and eyebolts etc.

Lebus® (founded in 1941)
Manufactures eg. load binders.

McKissick® (founded in 1925)
Manufactures eg. crane blocks and snatch blocks.

National® (founded in 1954)
Manufactures eg. sockets.

Western® (founded in 1883)
Manufactures eg. snatch blocks and rope blocks.

Bullard® (founded in 1952)
Manufactures eg. a special type of hook called Golden Gate that can be used with both steel wire rope and chain.

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