Icelandic HAMPIÐJAN was founded in 1934, where 13 people joined together to produce fishing nets, ropes and lines for the local fishing fleet. The Hampidjan Group has since developed itself to become one of the world's largest manufacturers of fishing gear and extremely strong rope used for e.g. lifting gear. The Group has 14 locations on 4 continents and over 600 employees.


See examples of 'heavy lift' solutions with HAMPIÐJAN products:

Lifting Slings to lift foundations and bridge elements for the bridge between Zealand and Masnedø.

The largest foundation had a weight of 1194 tons and the largest bridge element a weight of 1071 tons.

In total we delivered 5 pcs. special lifting slings in HMPE material from HAMPIDJAN. Each sling with a length of 45 meters and an MBL of 985 tons (net-weight per sling: 610 kg).

For the project we also delivered 5 pcs. 30/15 meter round slings with extra strong EX Cordura cover (weight per piece: 400 kg).

The lifts were made by the floating crane TAKLIFT 4 from the Dutch comapny Boskalis for Danish company Per Aarsleff A/S, which is responsible for building the new bridge.

Delivery of 6 pcs. ultra-strong, low-weight grommet slings

We have delivered a total of six grommet slings with Dyneema fibers to one customer. Four pieces. with a length of 38 meters and two pieces, with a length of 64.3 meters. All slings has a diameter of 76 mm.

The advantages of these slings versus traditional grommets in steel wire rope are e.g. lower weight, the 64.3 meters weighs 'only' 507 kg (corresponding grommet sling made with steel wire rope = 3533 kg) and 38 meters weighs 'only' 310 kg (corresponding  grommet sling made with steel wire rope = 1656 kg).

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