Murlink® was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in the Spanish city of Barcelona. Murlink is one of the leaders who specializes in the industrial market for technical solutions in textiles, and has developed an extraordinary lifting chain with a very innovative mindset. Their lifting chain is produced with the now well-known Dyneema® fibers, which is a type of HMPE fiber manufactured by the company DSM in the Netherlands. Dyneema® is also known as the world's strongest fiber. The lifting chain from Murlink has many unique properties, and is 8 times stronger and 80% lighter than a similar solution in steel wire rope or chain. Furthermore, the lifting chain from Murlink is soft, and at the same time there is no possibility that the lifting chain can rust. In addition, you also avoid having to damage what you pull / lift as the lifting chain is made of soft fibers that are very gentle against the load compared to traditional steel wire rope or chain - which is by far the most used. Furthermore, the chain from Murlink has a number of other unique features, if you e.g. If you use Murlink near water, you will find that the lifting chain from Murlink can float - this is not often seen with traditional steel wire rope or chains. If you have questions about the products from Murlink, you are of course always welcome to contact our staff!

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