Terrier is a high quality worldwide brand in lifting clamps.

Safety: Lifting clamps are used in harsh and dangerous environments and therefore safety and safe lifting the  top priority of Terrier. All lifting clamps have been tested on internal test facilities up to twice the maximum capacity (WLL) and the lifting clamps also have a tensile strength of up to five times the maximum capacity (WLL). Each lifting clamp has a red signal color on the lifting eye and the locking lever for extra safety and is provided with a test certificate. When using the Terrier lifting clamp, be sure to read the safety instructions in the "Safe Lift" section and the accompanying instruction manual.

Guaranteed good and tough quality made in the Netherlands: Lifting of steel plates and steel structures is hard work. During lifting and transportation, lifting clamps are under enormous tension and pressure. In addition to the lift itself, the lifting clamps are exposed to fall and impact on all kinds of hard materials. Therefore, it is important that lifting clamps are made in the right quality and that is the case with lifting clamps from Terrier. A Terrier lifting clamp guarantees a high performance and a long life. Terrier lifting clamps also meet all relevant standards and requirements.

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