Vetter Industrie 

Vetter was founded in 1964 in the German city of Cologne. The company startet the main focus was on equipment for fire and rescue as well as for civil defence. Since then, the product range has expanded to also include lifting bags, rescue equipment, tents and other protection. In 1972, Vetter began exporting abroad, and since then a company has been established in Pittsburgh, USA. In 2004, Vetter was taken over by the American IDEX Corporation, and today Vetter's headquarters are in the german city of Zülpich.

Safety is one of the most important priorities at Vetter. All products are thoroughly tested before they leave the factory - and since Vetter's products are used for both rescue operations and industry, where heavy lifting and lives are at stake. Vetter's lifting bags are used in industry to lift various materials when there is little space, and they are therefore useful in many situations. The lifting bags are made of rubber,

and are reinforced with steel in several of the layers. The surface is non-slip and makes them safe to use on smooth surfaces.

Vetter's products are of the highest quality, which is why they are number 1 in their specialized field. Their products are sold to industry and rescue services worldwide.

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