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On this page you will find our range of products from WeDoLifting. WeDoLifting is our very own brand, where all products are manufactured with a focus on delivering the best quality at the lowest prices. With a WeDoLifting product, you get a product that combines the best of both worlds: professional lifting gear in good quality at a reasonable price. Before a product is added to our range, it’s subjected to a number of different tests carried out by our product managers. We do this to ensure that all products in the range meet our own quality requirements and that the product can perform like you expect from a product made by us. Our product range consists of lever hoists, chain hoists, trolleys, beam clamps, lifting clamps and lifting magnets, etc. All products are also available in a wide range of different capacities, so we have a solution to fit your exact needs. In addition, the range is continuously expanded with new exciting quality products. As always, you are also welcome to contact us with questions about the individual products. 

Are you curious about the products in detail? Take a closer look at the products below, and be surprised at how high quality you can get for the price! Maybe you will also discover a new and just added product! 

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