Fast, safe and easy handling of wind turbine nacelles

Fyns Kran Udstyr has developed a hydraulic adjustable lifting beam which makes handling of narcelles for wind turbines easier, safer and faster. 

Mounting af narcelles for wind turbines can be difficult without correct lifting equipment - Fyns kran Udstyr has designed and developed a hydraulic lifting beam which is also adjustable so it is pissible to adapt the center of gravety of the narcelle. The lifting beam increases safety and reduces the risk as well as lower the cost for doing this type of job. 
Fyns Kran Udstyr have produced more than 100 pcs. of this type of liftign beam and delivered to several leading wind turbines manufactures in the world. The hydraulic adjustable lifting beam is CE-approved and meet different standards and safety regulations. 

This video shows a proof load of the lifting beam of 150 % of its capacity: