Ready for lifting 370 tonnes within 10 minutes

At Fyns kran Udstyr we have developed a hydraulic lifting beam which has been tested a the worlds largest offshore wind farm. A more modern handling of offshore elements for wind farms is faster, cheaper and safer. 

Now it is possible to load heavy Transition Pieces at 370 T, called TP's, in only 10 minutes - from the wharf to the ship and again from the ship to the offshore installation - normally each step takes an hour. 
Fyns Kran Udstyr have designed a hydraulic adjustable lifting beam, which can be operated by only one person.

The lifting beam is put on the top flange of the TP and is rotated in correct position. The hydraulic element will activate the lifting beam which will spread out to the flange and fasten the lifting beam. Then it is possible to adjust the lifting beam using the hydraulic function - and all this only takes about 10 minutes. 

Because of the precise measuring there are low risk for overturning when placed on the ship. Same type af safety is also present when operating offshore where the enormous TP's are difficult to maneuver.

Increased safety and financial advantages 
The special construction of the lifting beam has been developed of engineers from Fyns kran Udstyr and is approved by Germanisher Lloyds. The intention of Fyns Kran Udstyr has been to improve safety and working conditions compared to Pad Eyes and also to do the lifting procedure smarter and faster.

The hydraulic lifting beam from Fyns Kran Udstyr has:

–      WLL at 370 tonnes
–      a weight at 10 tonnes
–      radiocontrol

Lifting beam in action
This video shows in 2 minutes the lifing beam when it is used for lifting a TP.