Chain Hoists

Are you looking for a chain hoist? Then you've arrived at the place to be. We can supply the best in chain hoists from brands such as: Hadef, Yale, Kito, YellowLine and WeDoLifting. You can view more about the individual hoists below:

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More about chain hoists

Find the chain hoist you need – at the right price 
We will gaurantee help you to find the right chain hoist at the right price - that hit the exact match between your needs and price. 

Why choose a HADEF chain hoist?
When choosing a chain hoist from German manufacturer HADEF you get the chain hoist comparative to an Audi, BMW or Mercedes - if we need to relate to the car industry. I.e. a German quality product where you can enjoy the product for many years.

Why choose a KITO chain hoist?
Kito has a really good reputation and it really is a quality product that can handle most of the challenges you are facing. KITO towel parts are produced in Japan. If you talk to a user of chain hoists - and he or she has a KITO chain hoist - there will be spoken words with praise about it - and for good reason.

Why choose a Yale chain hoist?
Yale is one of the leading brands within hoists in Europe. Yale produced their first hoist in 1877 and some of the mechanisms are still used by many manufacturers today. Yale is known for quality, reliability, safety and innovation - the Yalelift 360 is a great example.

Why choose a YellowLine chain hoist?
YellowLine is Fyns Kran Udstyr's own brand where we try to set new standards in terms of safety, function and quality at an affordable price. Contact us and hear more about our YellowLine chain hoists that meet most demands.

Good advice before using a chain hoist
Before the product is used, it is a good idea that the user reads the user manual and ensures:
* That the chain hoist is without deformations, wear, damage etc..
* That the chain hoist is properly marked with the manufacturer, WLL, CE and identification number. If visible damage or defects are observed on the chain hoist, don't use it.

Good advice when lifting with a chain hoist
Before the load is lifted, ensure that persons in the work area are informed and are properly positioned with a safe distance to the load.
* Center the chain hoist above the lifting point
* The chain is pulled for hoisting operation
* Ensure that the chain hoist WLL and load's weight are correctly dimensioned.
* Never tie the chain on the load.
* Do not use unnecessary power to operate the chain hoist.