Aluminium lifting and spreader beams

On this category page you will find our selection of aluminum lifting beams and spreaders. Aluminum is element 13 in the periodic table, and the material can give the lifting beams and spreaders some very useful properties; Among other things, aluminum has a density of approx. 1/3 of steel, and at the same time it-has great resistance to corrosion. As in our many other categories with fixed, adjustable and modular lifting beams and spreaders, we have both a large standard program, as well as the option of making customized solutions so that they can be used for a wide range of lifting jobs. Our standard program includes, among other things, a spreader frame, which forms a frame with four attachment points, adjustable spreader beams, and a cross spreader with the possibility of extension. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us on 7015 2015 or 

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What advantages do you have by choosing an aluminum lifting beam or aluminum lifting spreaders? 

An aluminum lifting beam or spreader are lighter than the same corresponding steel version, which makes it possible to use more of the crane's capacity and therefore lift heavier loads with the same crane. The difference between steel and aluminum varies, but in some cases an aluminum lifting beams or aluminium lifting spreaders is necessary to be able to carry out lifts that would otherwise not be possible within the crane's lifting capacity - even a few kg can make the decisive difference. 

Do you only sell lifting beams and spreaders in aluminum? 

No are lifting beams and spreaders in aluminum far from the only lifting beams you will find in our range! We have a huge standard range of both fixed, adjustable and specially designed lifting beams and spreader beams.

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