Chain Slings

We supply quality Chain Slings. All Chain Slings are assembled at our four workshops and they are assembled according to your needs and requirements. All parts are from well-known brands like Gunnebo, YellowLine, RUD and PEWAG. All Chain Slings are assembled to comply with the applicable regulations and EN-norms. We are of course ready to help you with guidance in choosing the right Chain Sling. 

Our range covers Chain Slings in grade 8 plus the more advance grade 10 and grade 12. One of our best sellers is the range from swedish manufacturer Gunnebo* called "GrabiQ". The advantage of GrabiQ is fewer components in smaller dimensions without sacrificing quality or durability. Our range of products is both deep and wide and it covers everything from quality products to equipment where price and function is the most important factor.

*All Gunnebo components is identication marked, which makes it possible to trace all the way back to the steel supplier for analysis of the raw material.  

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