Webbing Slings

Are you looking for webbing slings? Look no further - we have a large selection of webbing slings in the right and durable quality at the right price. Our webbing slings are made of exstremely strong polyester with reinforced eyes. Up to and including 8 tons the color indicates the maxium working load limit (WLL):  1 ton WLL = Violet, 2 ton WLL = Green, 3 ton WLL = Yellow, 5 ton WLL = Red, 8 ton WLL = Blue. NB. Our webbing slings are manufactured according to DIN EN1492-1. You can watch much more information about the products by clicking on them below - remember we also help with advice and guidance.

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Do you special demands for your webbing sling?

Webbing Slings are used for many lifting jobs - and sometimes even the largest selection can't fulfill your need and demands and the need for a custom solution arises. At Fyns Kran Udstyr we have our own sewing workshop, we can therefore produce any custom webbing sling for every conceivable purpose.  

Read more about our sewing workshop here