OX Worldwide was founded in 1993 in Spain, today the company hase their headquarters in the spanish city of Barcelona. Throughout their 30 years of manufacturing, they have offered their modular solutions that can be adapted to many types of loads. In our product range you can find both the company's selection of lifting beams and the self-propelled tolloeys from OX Worldwide.   

OX Worldwide manufacture modular lifting beams with a capacity of up to 1350 tonnes, and with the modular structure, spans of up to 36 meters can be achieved! All lifting beams are certified by DNV-GL.   

OX Worldwide are also specialists in the production and development of self-propelled trolleys with capacities from 30 to as much as 200 tonnes. In addition to the ability to rotate 360º, the focus has been on having as low a height as possible, and the insertion height therefore ranges from 260 mm to just 450 mm for the various models. The self-propelled trolleys consist of two parts: a 'tractor' with motor and steering and a pair of transport rollers to act as 'axle', as it’s known e.g. from a truck trailer.  

All the products in the product range have been developed based on six fundamental values: Proximity, transparency, high quality, safety, innovation and commitment. These values shine through all the products. Eg. OX Worldwide has been the first in Europe to launch a modular lifting beam with a built-in extension option. This means that the lifting beam are not only modular, but also adjustable! This function has never been seen before in the class of lifting yokes from 9 to 250 tons! 

With their modular lifting beams, OX Worldwide specializes in offering many composition options and time-saving assembly and disassembly. As a customer, you can therefore invest in fewer different lifting yokes, but achieve more application options. 

If you have any questions about the lifting yokes from OX Worldwide, you are more than welcome to contact us on 70 15 20 15.