Modular spreader beams

Modular spreader beams can be bolted together create versatile lifting spreader that suit many different types of lifting jobs. The modular possibilities means that one modular spreader can adapted and used in different jobs that normally would require different lifting spreaders. We are proud to be able to offer the entire range of modular lifting spreader from OX Worldwide. In our product range, we have the three modular solutions; spreader beams up to 1350T, adjustable spreader beams up to 250 T and modular lifting frames up to 170 t.


Watch our introductory video and view more about the module spreader beams from OX Worldwide.

What are the advantages of choosing a modular spreader beam from OX Worldwide? 

In addition to the modular possibilities, there are several advantages, including:

  • Larger selection than other manufactures on the market.
  • All modular lifting spreaders from OX worldwide are DNV approved.
  • Reduction in weight and space requirements during transport and storage. 
  • Capacities up to 600 tonnes in stock (170 tonnes for components used in lifting frames)
  • Possibility of getting the desired finish / color in addition to standard (Sa 2.5 sandblasting according to ISO8501-1, one layer of epoxy primer with 50 micron thickness and two layers of polyurethane enamel color in RAL 1028).

Modular spreader beams

OX Worldwide's modular spreader beams can be designed with a length of up to 36 metres and are available with a WLL from 6T up to 1350T. With OX Worldwide's spreader eams, you get an incredible number of application possibilities, as you can combine the modules to fit your exact needs.

Download our load table for all modular spreader beams by OX Worldwide

Add the adjustable module to your spreader beam - and get even more options!

With an adjustable module in your spreader beam from OX Worldwide, you can change the length of the spreader beam in 2 minutes, where it would normally take longer time. A functionality that is normally completely unheard of for modular spreader beams of these sizes and capacities. The adjustable module is available in capacities from 9 to 250 tons and in a span from 1.5 to 4 meters.

Modular spreader frame / lifting frame

By assembling several modules and the special corner modules, you can configure your desired spreader. With the possibility of lifting in four lifting points, the spreader frame is suitable for large loads. The modules for the spreader frame come in many different lengths and are available from 9T all the way up to 170T. It is easy to assemble and disassemble the system, and thus also easy when it needs to be changed to a new variant that suits the specific lift.

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The modular lifting yokes from OX worldwide are far from the only lifting beams you will find in our range! We have a huge standard range of both fixed, adjustable and specially designed lifting beams and spreader beams.